My Summit Experience – Greg

My Summit Experience

By Greg Hammons

Another year and another great experience at the Perform Better Summit. I really love going to the summit. When I first started in the field it was a crazy wealth of new information. Things I would get so excited for I’d try to do everything at once, but as the years have gone on the summit has become more about the experience, the energy and the love of fitness, a love that gets renewed by being around so many like-minded people. Listening to speakers like Martin Rooney and Alwyn Cosgrove and Thomas Plummer can fire up anyone new to the industry but to get someone who has been at this for almost 15 years to light up is a true skill and that’s what these guys bring every year.

Along with the experience at the conference, there’s the team building time that I truly enjoyed. Taking time to get to know the people I spend most my day with outside of work is awesome. In the past, I have always seen a great change when we return from the summit. This year is no different. We work smoother and problem solve better together. Its always easier to talk to someone and discuss ideas when you have a true relationship to fall back on. The summit gives us the chance to work on and develop those relationships along with expanding our professional circles by meeting and interacting with so many other professionals from around the New England area.

Now that’s not to say I didn’t take away some new information. My biggest takeaway was the gameplay. Ian Jeffreys gave an amazing presentation on using games to help supplement fitness programs. He explained the science on how gameplay actually works to create what is called a “flow state” in where the fun becomes skill development. After the lecture and the science we “played” a few games. Needless to say, it was the hardest I had worked all weekend long and the most fun. On Monday I brought a few games into my private session and at the end was told that was the hardest and most fun they had in a session yet.

I can’t wait to explore how I can use games more to help more people, to continue to work with my team and find better ways to serve our members and just be on fire so maybe I can light the fire in someone else that doesn’t yet have it, and change their lives for the better with fitness.








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