My Summit Experience – Nicole

My Summit Experience

By Nicole Riley

This was my first time attending a Perform Better Summit. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was excited to join the team and ready to learn new things. The 3 days were filled with hands-on sessions and lectures that were informative and motivational. Here are a couple things that really captured my attention and interest.

I saw that on Saturday Martin Rooney started the day with a hands-on session and then ended the day with one of his inspiring lectures. When I saw his name it was a no-brainer who I was going to pick for those two time slots. His sessions were called, 10 Ways to Inspire Your Clients (and Yourself) for Amazing Results. By the end of both sessions, I felt on FIRE! He talked about and showed us different ways to motivate others and how to keep them motivated. He also went over 6 Mindsets and 6 Skillsets that you should have as a coach, I am pumped to start putting those into action!

I like to meditate and in the past few years, I have taught myself how to use my breath to calm my mind. So when I saw a session on, Why Breathing Biometrics Are a Game Changer, with Dana Santas, I was really interested in learning more about breathing and what it can do for us, besides keep us alive! Dana talked about breathing and mobility and how they go together. She showed us how to properly breath using our ribcage and how it should move when we exhale and inhale to accommodate for diaphragm function. She briefly explained how breathing with our chest, for example, can cause dysfunction in other parts of our body like our chest, neck, and shoulders. We went through a couple examples on how your breathing can help improve mobility in your shoulders, T-Spin, and hips.

Overall, it was a fun and educational weekend. The sessions were packed with lots of information. So now I will take a few topics that really interested me and really dive into them more. Do some research and start putting them into use.








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