Kara’s Transformation!

Kara’s Transformation!

By Michael Harland

A few weeks back we announced our Best Me Yet winners. Since then, we’ve been publishing other participants results and wanted to share Kara. She and her boyfriend (now fiance!) did the program together. Now, I could sit and write a bunch of stuff about this, but here’s what her fiance had to say:

“I would like to nominate Kara for third place if she is not in the running for the 2nd and 1st place prize. I know I might be a little bias but I do think she deserves some acknowledgment as she was there pretty much every day through the challenge. She did miss a week and that might hold her back a bit, but if you look at what she’s accomplished through these 10 weeks, she’s lost 17 pounds. That is a lot for a girl to lose in that duration of time.

She was the only one that pushed me to get to the gym when I was not fully awake and all my excuses she pushed me and others. Hell she picks up bigger weights than I do! I have been so inspired by her mindset and how she always makes sure we made our meals on Sunday and made time and never ever said we won’t prep our food because it’s too hard or takes too long. She always said it will be a little longer than expected but it will help us out in the long run.

Even in the tough times through these 10 weeks, she had her tunnel vision and is looking right at her goal. Never went down a side street and never gave up on anything. Never said she couldn’t do it, or never said I couldn’t either. Through my tough times getting upset with my planks and how I was doing things incorrect she always kept telling me that when she started with you guys at AM that she was doing things wrong as well. But she learned how to do the exercises just like I have been. She doesn’t take shit from anyone and if you challenge her she will beat you and won’t let you forget it until you beat her in whatsoever.”

Pretty incredible, right?! Billy, thank you for the amazing write-up and Kara, congratulations on your transformation!



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