What’s Your Foot Type?

What’s Your Foot Type?

By LeighAnn Clark

To determine what type of foot you have, and therefore what course of action you should take, take a picture or a video of yourself at ground level or have someone take a picture for you. If you see that the arch of the foot is collapsed, you have an everted foot. If the feet sit on the outside with the arch raised, then you have an inverted foot.

An inverted foot type is functionally more rigid and needs to be mobilized.

An everted foot type is functionally more unstable and needs to be strengthened.

For a real-life example, if you have plantar fasciitis, then you need to strengthen your feet and begin to build up the arch. If you tend to experience pain in your feet, your best course of action is to roll the bottoms of your feet to release the tightness from walking all day without relief.

But before we can get there, you need to first follow the test to determine what foot type you have, and then from there you will know whether or not you need to focus on mobilizing or strengthening your feet. Watch my video to see it in action!











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