Don’t Eat That Protein Bar!

Don’t Eat That Protein Bar!

By Michael Harland

In a world of convenience, we’ve learned to rely on too many quick-fix solutions to weight loss. Unfortunately, the quick fix isn’t always the long-term solution. Yes, we can do many things to see quick changes, but if those aren’t long lasting, is it worth it?

What makes this difficult to understand is the marketing and the marketing budget behind all of these fixes. BILLIONS of dollars are spent on catching your attention and making you believe that a protein bar or shake is the key to weight loss.

They’re not.

Understanding your nutritional requirements and then being able to manipulate those numbers with real food is what will allow you to achieve real, long-term results.

It’s frustrating to see the confusion that’s caused by the massive marketing strategy. But, do me a favor and ask yourself if you think eating a processed protein bar is going to be better for you than eating anything real and non-processed.

There’s not a question that every person reading this completely understands that real food is better for us than processed anything. So, why do we allow ourselves to fall victim to the trap?

There are a few big reasons that we see all of the time:

1. Lack of education – people are force-fed all of this information by beautiful people and really don’t know much better, so they buy into it.

2. Desperation – Some people are willing to try absolutely anything to change their body. It’s sad, but it’s the reality for many, many people that have body image issues.

3. Laziness – Some people just want the easy way out for everything. There’s excuse after excuse as to why this laziness is acceptable behavior but, the reality is, they’re just not willing to put the work in.

Want to know where eating a protein bar is acceptable? There’s a legitimate emergency and you can’t get to your already prepped food, but it’s time to eat and your choices are a Snickers bar or a protein bar. Well, in that case, grab the protein bar. Other than that, buckle down, put the work in, and eat REAL food.








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