We Sell Education

We Sell Education

By Michael Harland

Last night we had an orientation at our facility. We’ve recently started working with a new marketing company, so I invited one of our project managers, Ben, to attend and at the end, we had a conversation regarding our process.

You see, Ben walked in expecting our orientation to be similar to another one he had attended at a different program. He said that one lasted roughly 10 minutes and the goal was to really just get done with it. Ours lasted just over an hour and went into great detail about our systems and processes.

We feel that education is the key to success. So, from the second someone walks in the door, we start teaching them how to be successful.

So what’s the goal of the orientation and why does it take so long? It’s to have a successful 1st training session with us…That’s it…To get them to understand what they will do for their first training session.

Know why? Because if someone has a successful first experience, they will start to understand why our program will help them to be successful and will come back for a second… and a third… and you get the point.

During orientation we educate our participants on pre and post workout requirements, we cover common movements found in our program, and we complete a warm up together.

Now, when they see this on day one, they’re comfortable and ready complete each part of the workout. Since we don’t have to worry about teaching the processes to our new participants, we can then focus on education regarding what we will be doing for the day.

With each and every exercise we are going to cover how you should move, what it should look like, what it should feel like, tempo, load, progressions and regressions, and anything else we feel will help them to understand what they will be doing. Yes, we want them to understand that they are doing the right things. We also want them to understand if they are doing something wrong. That’s important. When we can identify problems, it will allow us to correct them and move forward. So now our clients are assessing themselves, along with the coaches assessing, correcting, and helping each member to move better.

So why is moving better so important? Because it gives us longevity. The longer we can train injury free, the greater our successes can be, which brings me to another educational focus of ours;

Our goals are long term.

We help to educate our clients on safe, healthy goal setting strategies and help to create realistic timelines for those goals. This way they don’t get frustrated when they haven’t lost 609 pounds in 4 days.

Really, we want to educate you because we want you to see the value we provide. We don’t want someone to feel they can’t do it without us. No, instead we want them to want to do it with us because we provide a great value to them through education, knowledge, consistency, experience, and much more.








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