Transformation Tuesday – Chantelle

Transformation Tuesday – Chantelle

By Michael Harland

Today we wanted to recognize one of our newer members, Chantelle, who has been consistent since the day that she started. She recently participated in our Best Me Yet program and used meal plans that were provided to her, along with our Large Group Training sessions. To add to this, Chantelle was always actively sharing in our private Facebook group and participating in our outside events; cooking classes and Flight Trampoline. All of this has led to her increasing her muscle mass in the last 5 weeks and decreasing her body fat percentage over the full 10 weeks!

Great job, Chantelle!

chantelle-front-before chantelle-after-3
chantelle-side-before chantelle-after-1
chantelle-back-before chantelle-after-2


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