Pelvic Floor Activation

Pelvic Floor Activation (Blog 1 of 3)

By LeighAnn Clark

Your pelvic floor is your center of gravity, and therefore your center of stability. Without it, we are not using our maximum potential in anything that we do. Creating that strength will make us stronger when we squat, when we run, when we live our lives. Without a strong center of gravity, we are unstable. If your pelvic floor is not active, it is not strong, gravity will take over and put you in whatever position you fall into. You may have a forward head posture, or a pelvic tilt, or have trouble walking.

Learn how to activate your pelvic floor on the ground first. Once you have mastered this, then you may progress to a standing position.

But how do we create strength in our pelvic floor? No, it is not by doing Kegels. Watch my video to find out!








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