More New Equipment!

More New Equipment!

By Michael Harland

As with anything, the more you can invest, the better you can become. We live by that belief and try to constantly invest in our program as often as possible. Sometimes that is with educational seminars for our staff and others, it’s by investing in the equipment we have at our facility. Recently, we made a few new additions to our Large Group Training program (the last one is my personal favorite)!

Sandbags – This was more of an upgrade for us. We added more heavy bags to our arsenal and then added filler bags to many of the sandbags that we already had. This means we now have sand loaded equipment ranging from 4 pounds to 250 pounds (our atlas bags)!


Steel Indian Clubs – What are these good for? Well, ONNIT (the maker) provides the following reasons: rehab/prehab, grip strength, balancing one side athletics, rotational core power, and real-world strength. We’ve already begun to implement them and the feedback so far has been great!


Assualt Air Bikes – I’ve wanted to add these to the program for a while. It’s extremely versatile and allows us to program it in so many different ways. Along with that, the ease of changing intensities by simply working harder or easier makes this bike very dynamic. So whether we’re looking to build our endurance or hit some sprints, we can do it all with the Assault Air Bike.









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