Communication is Key

Communication is Key

By Michael Harland

One of the things I try and remind my clients is the importance of communication.

We’ve heard it a million times, haven’t we?

Communication is a huge factor in any successful relationship. If I don’t have all of the information, I can’t make informed decisions on what to do.

And with our program, we have to try and have very intimate relationships with our clients. Why? Because factors like stress, sleep patterns, that time of the month, health concerns, etc… all effect change in the body.

So, when someone isn’t seeing results, we need to be able to evaluate ALL of the information and see what’s causing them to not change the way the should be.

If I know that someone has trained with me 4x over the past week and eaten with 100% compliance to their meal plans, then they should be seeing change. When I dig deep and find out that they’ve only slept 4 hours the past 3 nights, we now understand the causes for the body to respond the way it is.

Many times I’ll get asked by the client if they think they should cut their calories to make up for it or if they should try to get in an extra session with me to make up for it.


We determined that it wasn’t the exercise or nutrition that wasn’t responding, so what we need to do is spend the energy that you were willing to spend on the exercise on the factor causing us to be stagnant; take a nap for an hour instead, rearrange your day to get to sleep earlier, do what it takes to fix the cause, not waste energy on things that are working fine.

Now, without communication, we would have never been able to figure this out. Which is why we try to have these deep connections with our clients. We encourage interaction and try to connect with the outlets they’re most comfortable with; in-person, email, social media, etc…

These interactions allow us to grow our personal relationships, which then allow us to communicate with more trust, which allows us to receive all of the real information and doesn’t prevent them from sharing because of a lack of trust.








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