Jaimie Speaks Her Mind

Jaimie Speaks Her Mind

By Jaimie Clout

One of our trial members Jaimie has gone to many different types of gyms, she has participated in big box gyms as well as cross fit gyms. Here is what Jaimie has to say about A|M Fitness:

“A|M Fitness is not your average, trendy, “workout of the day” fitness facility. What makes A|M a better experience is the fact that the coaches are truly knowledgeable and help you progress through the program safely and effectively. The workouts are fun, motivating and the atmosphere is clean and inviting. The on-ramp orientation ensures a better integrative experience for participants and makes you feel confident starting a new regimen. The coaches take their work to heart and that shows in the details and follow-up that they display both on the floor and off. The A|M Fitness philosophy is all-inclusive and fail-proof if you commit yourself to it. No other gym cares about the personal experience like A|M Fitness does. To come into a facility where the coaches really get to know the clients makes A|M Fitness a place that you want to be. No more dreading going to the gym! A|M Fitness feels like home.”








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