I Have Two Questions For You

I have 2 questions I need you to answer as truthfully as possible:


By Mike Harland

1. Are you comfortable with where your health is right now?

a. Are you on any medications and if so, are you ok with being on them for the rest of your life?

b. Are you at your ideal weight and are you happy with the way you look?

c. If you had to run the length of a football field, would you be able to? And if you could, would you be able to recover in an appropriate amount of time?

2. What do you think your answers will be in 10 years if you asked yourself the same questions?

The rest of your life starts now and you need to make sure that you live with the quality of life you imagined as a child.

Stop eating shit food.

Start moving.

Sleep more.

Worry less.

And the only detox you need is from anything bringing you negative energy.

It’s that fucking simple.

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