Foot Pain

If you have ever experienced any kind of foot pain or have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, rolling and stretching your feet and calves will help to manage the pain and hopefully get rid of it altogether.


By LeighAnn Clark

We need to make sure we are hitting not just the bottoms of the feet but the calves as well. This is a very important step!

All of the muscles in your body are connected to other muscles in your body. The pain may be in your foot but it is not necessarily starting in your foot. A lot of foot pain is caused by tightness in the various muscles in the calves. If you only work on rolling and stretching your feet, you may be relieving the symptom but you are not necessarily eliminating the cause or working toward a long term solution. Softballs/lacrosse balls and golf balls are great for rolling the bottom of your feet. The calves can be managed with a foam roller or a softball/lacrosse ball, but remember that the more solid the implement the deeper you can dig into the muscle and the more relief you will experience. I’ll walk you through how to use each of these implements and how best to stretch the muscles. Check it out!

Relief for Foot Pain

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