Ice Cream or Your Goals

I was having a conversation with someone the other day and we were talking about why we weren’t seeing the changes we wanted to.


By: Mike Harland

They were working hard, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and seemed like all the stars were aligned.

We had to dig a little on this one… and we found a few reasons why her body wasn’t responding the way we wanted it to.

1. When we looked at pictures of her meals, they weren’t built completely right. They were abundant in some areas and deficient in others. Not a big deal if it’s one meal occasionally, but when each meal is, it skews our numbers too great for the body to change the way we want it to.

2. The social life was more social than we thought. I always encourage our clients to enjoy themselves. If they’re going on a vacation they should eat and drink whatever they want. Party to attend Friday night? Go ahead, get crazy. But the rest of the time we need to focus on our priorities.

So it brought me to this question:

What’s more important – ice cream or your goals?

We then talked about the long term satisfaction of reaching our goals, changing our body, ultimately changing our mindset, and completely transforming ourselves.

We then compared this with the short-term satisfaction of a few drinks on Tuesday night. Not even drinking to get drunk, just drinking to be social. So I asked, will your friends not like you because you didn’t have alcohol and just hung out with them? Guess what, they would still be friends… and if they wouldn’t have, it probably would have been time to find new friends.

The last part to this was making sure that the client knew there wasn’t an in-between. If they were going to commit to their goals, they needed to commit to them and only “cheat” when it was allowed. If they were going to continue to be social, then accept that their body wasn’t going to change the way they wanted it to. Most importantly they had to accept, embrace, and be happy with that.

So what’s more important to you? Is it a fun Tuesday night or the long-term, life changing accomplishment of reaching your goals?

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