1st Place Winner

By Coach Mike.

Max Defilippis

There’s a lot we could say about Max, but I think the below picture says it all; hard working (as shown by the MyZone stats), team player, and great student ~ always interacting with the coaches.

Max also went above and beyond on a daily basis in pursuit of his goals. We would prescribe “extra credit” for our clients during the challenge and Max completed his every time. Not only that, he also encouraged other members to join him and pushed them to be their absolute best as well.

Here are the stats for Max:
Thigh: 1″
Hip: 3.5″
Waist: 5″
Chest: 5″
Arm: .75″

For a total of 15.25 inches! Max also lost a total of 21 pounds!!!

We would all like to congratulate Max on his well deserved 1st place accomplishment!

Published on: June 30, 2017

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