2nd Place Winner

By Coach Mike.

Where do we even begin with Kendra? Well, she’s been a member for a few years now and we have definitely created an amazing relationship! She’s one of those members that is just what a coach looks for; dedicated, consistent and hard working, She also responds to feedback well, does what the coaches ask of her and more!

In regards to the challenge, we had somewhat of a rough start. Kendra was coming off of a surgery and then battled a bad cold right at the start of it. She, like many people, is competitive and wanted to see immediate results. She and I had a few conversations where she wanted to jump into the second phase of the meal plan. After factoring in everything working against her, understanding that there wasn’t 100% compliance to the meal plan, and me asking her to 1. trust me and 2. trust the process, she stuck to phase one of the meal plan.

The stats that chose us to pick Kendra as our 2nd place winner are this:

Hip: 5.75″
Waist: 6.5″
Chest: 4″
Arm: 1″

For a total of 21 inches lost!

She also lost a total of 19 pounds!!!

But that’s not it…

To date, Kendra has lost a total of 44 pounds! She has also done this while staying on the first phase of our meal plans! With 2 more phases on her meal plan, she is sure to hit some truly incredible numbers.

We would all like to wish Kendra continued success and applaud her on a job well done!

Published on: June 16, 2017

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