3rd Place Winners!

improve_your_squatBy Coach Mike.

We would like to introduce the 3rd place winners of most recent Best Me Yet challenge ~ Eric and Angel!

3rd Place is always a fun one to pick. Our winners, of course, have to have accomplished a fair amount of weight loss, as well as achieved a fair amount of total inches lost. Eric accomplished a total weight loss of 12 pounds and 5.375 total inches for the 10-week program!. Angel lost a total of 6 pounds and 9 inches for the 10-week program!

These are great numbers for any client to reach, as our average weight loss target is 1lb per week. What we like to reinforce with our clients is that 1lb – 1.5lbs is a safe target to aim for. It’s realistic, is achievable, and we aren’t going to mess with our metabolism, as our clients are still eating a TON of food and not doing any quick fix, detox, shake program, etc… The weight loss achieved is real and isn’t going to come right if there current lifestyle changes a bit; can’t workout as much, eating slightly different, sleep or stress patterns change.

What we like best about choosing 3rd place is that it is also based on community participation; attitude in our facility during workouts and interacting with our other members, activity in our private and public Facebook groups/pages, interaction and contact with the coaches as far as check ins and email consistency, lifestyle outside of the gym, etc…

Eric and Angel CRUSHED this part of it! Constantly posting and being positive – inside and outside of our facility, always speaking with and strategizing with the coaches, putting in no less than 100% during each of their training sessions, helping to motivate and inspire other members to work harder and stay on track, and so much more.

One of the greatest reasons we like that they received 3rd place is that they did it together. They are a couple and decided to do this together, for themselves as individuals, as partners, and as a family. You could see them pushing each other and helping each other to stay accountable through (and now still) the entire program.

The A|M Fitness staff and members want to send the biggest of congratulations on all the you accomplished during the Best Me Yet challenge. Awesome job Eric and Angel!

Published on: June 1, 2017

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