Cost of Training

cost_of_trainingBy Michael Harland.

How do you feel about the cost of training? After my first few months of selling my services for a fee, I heard these statements multiple times… “it’s just too much” or “I can’t afford it”. I started to believe myself that the service was overpriced, especially for the region that I was in.

Why wouldn’t I think that? I worked for a corporation that also had facilities in very affluent areas like Avon and Glastonbury, where the median household income dwarfed that of the town we were in. Why would our price be the same as theirs?

One morning, as I was about to leave for work, my car decided it didn’t want to work. I am not a mechanic and had no clue as to what went wrong. I had to call my friend, who is also my mechanic, to get this thing fixed.

I’m sure I could have bought a couple of books and figured it out. I am also sure that I could have bought a 12pack and called some of my other mechanically inclined friends over to “work” on it. I decided however to have a professional do the work.

When he gave me the bill I cringed a little. And since he was my friend, I’m pretty sure I busted his chops a little. But my car ran again. It was actually in better shape than before.

I think my decision to have a professional do the work paid off. Professionals study in a field and become masters of their profession. So the question then becomes, why wouldn’t you apply this same logic to another machine? A much more valuable, much more complex machine… YOUR BODY!

I soon realized that the service I was selling was invaluable. I believed that I was actually charging too little for my service. I justified this because I SAVE LIVES.

With obesity classified as an epidemic, especially in “lower class” communities, the cost to value of training should leave no question that the decision to train, and train with a professional, is the right choice.

Here are my top 5 reasons for working with a professional fitness trainer:

1. Assessment – Anybody can walk in to a fitness facility, jump on a treadmill and start exercising. A true fitness professional will assess you and find YOUR starting level.

2. Program Design – A fitness professional will design the program that fits your needs based on the assessment. They will work off of muscle imbalances that were noticed, flexibility and range of motion issues, etc…all while tailor making your daily/weekly/monthly programs.

3. Exercise selection – Now that the plan has been made, it is time to pick the exercises that address goals (needs and wants), assessment criteria and overall program demands. Anyone can pick exercises and workout, but are they the right exercises, in the right order, for you?

4. Motivation – We all have days where we just can’t seem to get or stay motivated. It is a fitness professionals job to ensure that you work as hard as you can towards your goal.

5. Accountability – I personally hold all of my clients responsible for their actions. If you don’t show up, you will definitely be getting a call from me. YOUR success is MY success and I will make sure together we both cross the finish line.

Now what are some of the costs associated with training?

Let’s actually begin by associating some of the costs with the medical community. America now spends $147 billion a year on direct medical costs. In fact, the average obese adult spends about $1500 more a year on health care.

Aside from actual dollar amounts, what costs are associated with an obese America? How about quality of living? and decreased life spans? How does an obese adult affect their child? These costs, in my opinion, far outweigh the monetary factors.

Of course there are different levels of education, different thought processes and approaches, as well as a somewhat tarnished reputation of the personal trainer and industry as a whole. This is where your job begins. Wouldn’t you look for the best mechanic, or doctor? Ask for credentials. Ask for proof of their results with past clients. Do your homework and find the right professional for you.

Finally, ask, is my life worth the investment?

Published on: Dec 10, 2013

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