What Lisa Says About A|M Fitness

By Lisa Steeves.

I’ve been training at A|M Fitness since 2012 and I have loved this place from day 1. I’ve been very active all of my life through many different ways but my experience at A|M has definitely set the bar high. This became more apparent last year after I injured my knee. Last January I tore my ACL and had to have ACL reconstruction surgery. My recovery was my top priority because I have a physically demanding job. Because of the essential functions of my job, my doctor kept me in physical therapy for 9 months. During the course of my therapy my physical therapist kept heightening the progressions of my exercises at every appointment.

One day he told me he felt like everything he was giving me was too easy which is why he kept adding more challenges. He said he was surprised by how much strength I retained after my surgery due to the amount of trauma that type of surgery causes to the muscles. He knew that I was active at the gym prior to this but he never knew exactly what the training at AM Fitness entailed. He asked me about it and I explained what it was all about.

At this point I was only about 3 months into my physical therapy sessions. He told me that the exercises he had me doing at the 3 month mark were movements that some of his patients at 6 months in still couldn’t do. Then he stressed that whatever it was that I was doing at A|M Fitness was the reason I retained this amount of strength; that the shape I was in prior was the biggest reason why I was recovering well.

Like I said my job is very physically demanding so it’s crucial that I stay in shape and healthy. And in all of my experience, A|M Fitness is the only place that I’ve ever trusted when it comes to my health. It’s also the only place I trust to help me maintain my strength following my injury. The coaches know your limits, but also know just how much to push you. They know when you need to be pushed and when you need to be smart and take a step back.

It’s so important to find trainers that truly understand that balance because that is very hard to find. My time there has allowed me to trust their judgment. It’s given me the ability to keep up with everything that life requires me to do and with everything I want to be able to do. Most importantly my training there keeps me safe in so many ways. Through A|M Fitness I’ve invested in myself in the most beneficial way possible.

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