What Abby Says About A|M Fitness

What Abby Says About A|M Fitness

By Abby Bouchard.

I was reading your email about the point of the program and about living a healthy lifestyle, and I wanted to tell you that I feel as if my habits have changed.

When I go out I try to make healthier decisions and everybody has noticed how good I look! I worked at Stews last night after not being there for 2 weeks and everybody was commenting on how amazing I looked! I told them they need to try A|M Fitness!

But before these 10 weeks, I wouldn’t have called myself confident in my body and the way I look. As the weeks are counting down I feel both physically and mentally healthy. I can honestly say I feel so confident in my body right now, this is crazy!

This program has also helped me to be more disciplined. With school and nannying and Stews, I have so much going on. But knowing that I have things to get done and I have to stick to my schedule or else certain things won’t get done has helped me with time management and just overall like my stress levels.

So, in conclusion, thank you!

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