What Jessica Says About A|M Fitness

What Jessica Says About A|M Fitness

By Jessica Wilder.

Did you have a great experience here at A|M Fitness?

“My experience has been amazing so far! Being overweight and walking into a new gym not knowing anyone is really hard and since day 1 all my fears disappeared!”

Would you recommend us to a friend or a family member?

“I feel like part of the family when I come in! I love it! I would absolutely recommend A|M to everyone in my life!”

Did you reach your personal fitness goals that you were hoping to reach?

“I have definitely reached some of my short term fitness goals!”

How was the nutritional information? Was it beneficial and helpful to you?

“The nutritional information is beyond helpful! I loved having everything laid out for me, good healthy foods with so many options! I have tried many different gyms and fitness places before and A|M is one of a kind! I’m happy to be part of the fit family!”

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