What Adipel Says About A|M Fitness

What Adipel Says About A|M Fitness

By Adipel Lopez.

Did you have a great experience here at A|M Fitness?

“I love A|M Fitness!!!! For years I have always looked for ways to stay active whether at the gym or taking classes or even working out at home.”

Did you reach your personal fitness goals that you were hoping to reach?

“In the beginning I’m so motivated but as time goes by I either get bored or just go back to my old habits. Since I started A|M I look forward to class no matter how long my day is…bad or good. I feel so good leaving class and learn something new about myself each day.”

How was the nutritional information? Was it beneficial and helpful to you?

“With the meal plans I have learned to eat things that are still healthy but not boring and to my liking. I don’t feel like I need to eat a boring salad or just broccoli and chicken which makes sticking to the meal plans so much easier.”

Would you recommend us to a friend or a family member?

“The amount of energy I have now compared to before is insane! So yes I can go on and on about how happy I am with A|M and I would recommend to everyone!”

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