Weight Loss In 5 Weeks

Weight Loss In 5 Weeks

By Michael Harland

Today’s transformation has a client driving to our Plainville location all the way from Meriden a few times a week. Not only this, but she comes to our earliest session and gives nothing but 100%.

Who is this? Her name is Danielle and she recently participated in a quick transformation program at our facility. She was given meal plans, she checked in with me 3x a week, and completed InBody scans at the beginning and end of the 5 weeks. Over that time, Danielle was able to lose 9.4 pounds!!! Not only that, but she decreased her overall body fat percentage by 3.7%!

I’d say that’s pretty incredible, no? So today we are sending Danielle a huge CONGRATULATIONS! Keep up the great work, Danielle 🙂








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