Losses and Gains, New Member, Merissa

Losses and Gains, New Member, Merissa

By Michael Harland

For today’s Transformation Tuesday post we’re going to highlight one of our trial members. Her name is Merissa and she makes the trip in from Bristol to Plainville 4 or 5 times a week to train with us. Shortly after beginning, she asked us for some help with her nutrition and we gladly helped her out. We understand that with any fitness related goal, nutrition is a huge component and we want to make sure our clients get the information they need to help get them to their goals.

Along with the workouts and nutrition, Merissa checked in with me 3 times each week. We held her accountable, coached her in any areas she needed coaching, and she did extremely well in a little less than 4 short weeks.

Over that period of time, Merissa was able to lose 4 total pounds. I know, I know, according to Instagram and other social media sites, she should have lost 300 pounds, become “shredded”, and became an Instagram model… but that’s not real life. What she did was right on track for the targets we set and she did AMAZING! I’m super proud of this girl.

I would also like to dig a little further into the scale number. You see, sometimes it can be deceiving. That’s why we like to test body composition with our InBody 570. It allows us to see deeper into the numbers and have much more data to work with.

Now, even though the number says 4 pounds, she actually lost 4.2 pounds of body fat and gained 1 pound of muscle! Again, super proud of this girl and can’t wait to see what continues to happen!








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