T-DAWG’s Transformation and Thoughts…

T-DAWG’s Transformation and Thoughts…

By Michael Harland

Today’s Transformation Tuesday is a little different. It’s not geared towards weight loss. Instead, it revolves around all of the other benefits a hard working, motivated individual can accomplish. I could write a lot more about this woman, but I’m going to let her and her coach share their thoughts instead.

“Is it worth it?

Weight loss and getting in shape sucks sometimes and it’s a huge mind game especially when the number on the scale doesn’t move. It’s hard and I struggle. I’m not graceful at all. I’m aware that I’m often the biggest person in the room and that can be scary. I feel like everyone is staring at me (they’re not). Or maybe they are and wondering who is this magnificent creature? 😝

When this happens I have to remember how far I’ve come and the reasons I keep going:

– when I first started I could barely do a plank (more like a lean) on 7 risers. Now I’m down to 1 and am working on getting to the floor
– I could barely lift the lightest weight at first and I’ve gotten so much stronger (actually she just got to the floor the last session)
– I can leg press 150 pounds (I grunt when I do it but I do it)
– I sleep so much better when I workout
– I eat so much better than I did before
– I’m moving so much better. I’m not as stiff as I used to be and movements that I once struggled with are easier now.
– I get excited to go to gym class and learn new exercises (who am I?)

So yes it’s absolutely worth it
I’m worth it
My health is worth it
My life is worth it
So I’m gonna keep going
and when I fall down I’ll get back up again.”

“This girl. She is incredible. She can do anything. When I first met her, she didn’t get on the ground. Now she’s planking on the ground. Now she’s doing the ladders and sprinting! I’ve never been so proud. You’re amazing T-Dawg @tracesofzen don’t ever forget it. #anythingispossible #ladders#sprints #sprintsaremyfavorite #planks #progress #amfit #fitfam @A|M Fitness”








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