Lose The Weight, Not The Accent

Lose The Weight, Not The Accent

By Michael Harland

New Britain in the house! David makes the drive over to Plainville 4 – 6 times each week and does nothing but put in work! He started with us a few months back and recently participated in our Summer Slimdown. During this, David checked in with me 3x each week. We were able to work together to lose a total of 10.7 pounds in only 5 weeks!

Total commitment, right? To a point. David was also able to go away a couple of weekends during the program and still enjoy himself. He remained active, made mostly good eating choices, and got right back on track after any cheats that he had.

One of the highlights for me during that program was when he was on Assault Airdyne bikes and I challenged him to hit a certain wattage. He wasn’t able to do it during week 1 or 2, but after remaining consistent and putting in the effort, he far exceeded that goal.

Proud is an understatement and excitement for future growth is all I have. Great job, David!

PS – the title is an inside joke because everyone I talk to loves his accent. So, keep dropping those pounds but make sure to keep your accent!








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