Why I Compete in Strongman

Why I Compete in Strongman

By Kena Perry

I started competing in Strongman in 2015 as a way to keep me motivated to train and get to the gym. After my first competition, I fell in love with the sport and knew that I wanted to keep training and competing. I fell in love with the challenge, the community, and the process of working towards a specific goal.


The challenge of strongman is what keeps me going. Every competition is different and it forces me to identify and work on my weaknesses. I find strongman both mentally and physically challenging (as well as fun). Strongman requires not only strength, but agility, athleticism, and endurance. And as an athlete, you don’t necessarily need to be the strongest in order to win.


In addition to constantly challenging myself, I love the community and the people I’ve met through strongman. I’ve competed in many different aspects throughout my life, but I have never met a nicer and more supportive group than strongman competitors. Whether it’s in training or a competition, they’re always cheering you on.


Finally, and probably the most important reason why I compete is that I love the process of training and working towards a goal. I take every training session and competition as an opportunity to learn and to grow. Through strongman, I have grown tremendously not only as a competitor, but as a person as well.


For all of these reasons I truly enjoy competing and have a lot of fun pushing myself to new levels. So far, I have competed in 9 strongman shows and have no plans for stopping anytime soon.









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