Creating Your Center of Stability

Creating Your Center of Stability (Blog 3 of 3)

By LeighAnn Clark

The next step after learning how to activate our pelvic floor and then learning how to activate short foot to create stability with our foot instead of our bigger muscles, we can learn how to integrate these steps to create even more stability throughout our entire body, and experience how everything is connected. We need to understand the relationship of our pelvic floor in creating stability throughout our entire body. This is how we accomplish this.

Why do we activate short foot instead of doing a simple towel scrunch with our toes? The scrunch may activate the foot, but it will not activate the rest of the body. You will not create the connection between your pelvic floor and your foot and your arms and your mouth. We are trying to utilize each piece to create full body stability.

Learn how by watching my video!








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