Today’s Workout Sucked

Today’s workout sucked…


Not the actual workout, but everything leading up to it. I had the perfect daily routine and that got derailed –> BIGTIME!


Coach Greg took a couple of weeks off for his honeymoon. That meant I was back to coaching the early morning sessions. Since I would typically answer emails and write while I made and ate breakfast, it means this got pushed back too.

Well, my workouts were usually around 9:00 am. Since it’s now about 1:00 pm, I really didn’t feel like training. My daily routine said it was time for errands around and for the gym.

I got a couple of sessions in, but they weren’t great. Something else that was now lacking was my eating. I hadn’t meal prepped right, so by the time it hit noon I had deviated far off the path I was supposed to be on. Lost and no hopes of finding my way back. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I was tired, stressed, and out of my comfort zone.

Well, Greg returned, and guess what… I was still busy bullshitting myself.

Does this sound familiar? I’ll start again on Monday…

Monday came and went.

I was “busy” catching up on “work”.

Nah, I wasn’t doing anything productive. And now it’s Wednesday and I tell myself again I’ll start on… Monday.

I already knew that wasnt going to happen. I was traveling until Monday afternoon.

Ever try and eat healthy at the airport? Yeah, we won’t talk about that…

So as I write this, it’s Tuesday morning, and I just finished my workout. I threw every excuse in the book at myself. Went into work and now Greg was busting my ass about getting back into it.

I grabbed a TRX, kettlebell, resistance band, and hit the road. I knew I would find something to do at work and even if I worked out, wouldn’t have put the effort in I should have or that I am capable of.

That’s the hard part. Getting started. So just do it. You’ll be happy you did.

I am.

Published on: Jun 16, 2017

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