Jamie’s Story

When I first came to A|M Fitness, it was for the 5-week trial. I had been contemplating the gym for…

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5 Weeks and 15.7 Pounds

5 Weeks and 15.7 Pounds By Michael Harland “Your gym is so far!” Well, Southington, CT client Melissa seems to…

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Confident strong women

44 Pounds and Lifting Heavy Shhh!

44 Pounds and Lifting Heavy Shhh! By Michael Harland Meet Stacy, she’s a fairly new member and has trusted us…

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Deb using the Battle Ropes

A Totally Different Transformation

A Totally Different Transformation By Michael Harland Today we are still going to post-transformation pictures, but today they are of…

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Jay's body transformation with AM Fitness

Jay’s Amazing Transformation!

Jay’s Amazing Transformation! By Michael Harland Here’s a personal one for me. I’ve known Jay for probably 20 years. His…

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Mike showing off his results from AM Fitness

Holy Transformation! Mike’s Story

Holy Transformation! Mike’s Story By Michael Harland Today we’re going to share a pretty incredible transformation. Mike, a fairly new…

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10 Pounds Looks Like This!

10 Pounds Looks Like This! By Michael Harland A client of our shared some transformation photos recently and we wanted…

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Jen showing off her results from AM fitness

Jen’s Transformation!

Jen’s Transformation! By Michael Harland Today’s transformation is someone that started with our Best Me Yet program and has continued…

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Kara’s Transformation!

Kara’s Transformation! By Michael Harland A few weeks back we announced our Best Me Yet winners. Since then, we’ve been…

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Kathy’s Transformation!

Kathy’s Transformation! By Michael Harland We’ve recently announced all of the winners for Best Me Yet and now wanted to…

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Transformation Tuesday – Chantelle

Transformation Tuesday – Chantelle By Michael Harland Today we wanted to recognize one of our newer members, Chantelle, who has…

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This S*** Actually Works!

This S*** Actually Works! By Carly Ouellette As this challenge comes to an end, I decided to take my “after”…

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85 Pounds! – One Year Later

85 Pounds! – One Year Later By Kim Cyr So I got to thinking… in a few days, it’ll be…

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Before and After | Raabi Blackwell

It’s very hard for me to put into words the gratitude that I feel from the changes that I’ve undergone,…

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4 Years Later, a Reminder

I know it doesn’t seem it…especially with all the corrections I need…but it has been 4 years! Came across a…

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Jay’s Official List of Grievances

Since joining AM Fitness in February I’ve read all of the happy-happy, joy-joy posts about how great AM Fitness is.…

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Best Me Yet: Steven

My time at A|M fitness has been a great experience. Having good coaching has been amazing.   By Steven They…

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Transformation Tuesday

By Debbie Krauch. Is A|M Fitness a lifestyle? An addiction? A form of punishment? All of the above for me.…

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