Best Me Yet 4.0

Are you ready for the best you ever?


It’s January and you know what that means… Packed gyms… aimlessly walking on the treadmill… and you being just another number to your local big box gym…


Well, not at A|M Fitness! We are bringing you our annual Best Me Yet 4.0 , and this year we’ve made it better than ever! We’ve added new technology, as well as incorporated complete meal plans with 3 phases geared towards progressive weight loss, workshops, private groups and SO much more!


Start Date: January XX, 2018 ~ End Date: April XX, 2018



Proven Success In Just 10 Weeks


We have proven year after year that we are the leader in delivering the RESULTS you are looking for! Below are a few of our success stories.

In regards to the challenge, we had somewhat of a rough start. Kendra was coming off of a surgery and then battled a bad cold right at the start of it. She, like many people, is competitive and wanted to see immediate results. She and I had a few conversations where she wanted to jump into the second phase of the meal plan. After factoring in everything working against her, understanding that there wasn’t 100% compliance to the meal plan, and me asking her to 1. trust me and 2. trust the process, she stuck to phase one of the meal plan.The stats that chose us to pick Kendra as our 2nd place winner are this:

Hip: 5.75″
Waist: 6.5″
Chest: 4″
Arm: 1″

For a total of 19 inches lost!

She also lost a total of 21 pounds!!!


So, what comes with the program?

Done for you meal plans ~ We have hired an expert dietitian to work specifically on this program for us. The meal plans are easy to use and based off of foods that you actually like to eat! They contain all of the information you need create a successful, delicious menu!

Sample Meal Alternate
2.8 oz. Chicken breast or 3.8 oz. COD, Flounder or 2.8 oz. 99% Lean ground turkey
6.5 oz. Baked / sweet potato or 1 cup Rice (brown or white) or 1 cup Wheat pasta
Green vegetables of your choice (no peas) or large salad with any added vegetables
1.5 tsp Olive oil (any oil) or 1/2 (.5) oz. Almonds or Cashews (NOTE: flavored are fine) or 3 tbs Avocado


Nutrition Workshops ~ Our dietitian is going to host workshops that are ONLY for our participants. He will explain how to use meal plans, talk about foods to use while cooking, cooking equipment, and anything else needed for you to understand in regards to the meal plans. He will then answer any questions that you may have about nutrition.

24/7 Access To Our Coaching Staff ~ You will be assigned to one of our coaches and have the ability to communicate with them as often as you need. This means you can ask for guidance with your workout, nutrition, or anything else you may need help with.

“I wasn’t sure that I could do it, but I signed up! I was sore just from learning a few things at orientation, but it got easier as I went along. I looked forward to getting my workout in. If I had any questions about anything, the coaches were always happy to show me modifications or suggestions for what would help me achieve my goals.”

~ Cindy


Heart Rate Monitor ~ We have included a heart rate monitor for anyone that joins our program. You will be able to wear this during your workout and see what heart rate zone you are training in, along with how many calories you’ve burned during your workout! Not only is this a great tool, but it also adds a Ton of Fun to your workout!



Before and After Pictures ~ We hire a professional photographer to take before and after pictures for anyone that wants to actually see what they accomplish during their transformation at A|M Fitness! At the end of the program we will email you all of your weight lost, inches lost, and pictures that show your AMazing transformation!


Weigh-In and Measurements ~ Participants will weigh-in and get measured once before the contest begins, at the halfway point, and again at the conclusion of the 10 weeks to see what they’ve accomplished.

“I knew this would help keep me accountable with weigh ins and measurements. It forced my mind to realize this was the opportunity I needed to show myself what I’m capable of. That day I promised myself I would put my heart and soul into it.”

~ Victoria


Anything else? YES, MUCH MORE!

Private emails only for contest participants ~ We want to offer our community tips and advice that will help guarantee your success. These emails will provide vital information to get the most out of the program. We will also be sending you information on important habits to focus on and address.

Members Only Facebook Group ~ This was one of the key components in our last contest; it offers inspiration, we share recipes, ask questions, and become a community in it together!

Programming and Tracking Sheets ~ We will also be sending you tracking sheets to help you make sure to stay on track with your nutrition, as well as the workouts with space to record what you’ve done from week to week.

Woman writing with pen

Group Outings ~ We will plan a couple of team building events during the program that you can come to. It’s a fun way to get outside of the gym and get to know others in our facilities! Previous programs have participated in hikes or Flight Trampoline Park (additional cost of entry to Flight).

“I have been to two different & very popular training facilities before I joined A|M Fitness, but those facilities never made me feel the way I do now. I would never go back to a different facility! I owe all of my confidence in who I am today to A|M Fitness! I love you all!”

~ Spencer

Woman writing with pen


“The program was and continues to be amazing. The challenge ended, but I continue to stick to the meal plan and trust the process. The program did not promise any quick fixes. There were no promises that we would lose and extreme amount of weight in a short period of time. The promise was that we would learn how to eat properly and love and give our bodies what they need. We learned how protein, fat and carbs work together. We learned that carbs are not our enemy. I saw my workouts improve because I was properly fueling my body.

By the end of the ten week challenge I was down twenty pounds and a total of eleven inches. Yes, I’m thrilled with the weight loss, but what I’ve learned during the challenge is immeasurable.”

~ Emily

Woman writing with pen
Max – Winner of BMY 3.0!

But wait, YOU COULD WIN!


At the end of the program we choose 3 people that have stood out. The selection is based off of weight loss, change in measurements, along with participation in all of our community building efforts.

1st Place – 3 Free Months at A|M Fitness

2nd Place – 2 Free Months at A|M Fitness

3rd Place – 1 Free Month at A|M Fitness


I bet you’re wondering how much, right?


Well, if we priced everything individually it would total over $899! But our program doesn’t cost anywhere near that. Read below for your pricing option:


If you are not currently a member and wish to participate in Best Me Yet 4.0 you will receive everything listed above and 5 weeks of unlimited training sessions.

“In the few short months since I did join, I have lost almost 20 pounds, but I have also gained much, much more. The self confidence and strength (both physically and mentally) is like nothing else”

~ Colleen

Early Bird Pricing ~ $149 if you sign up before January 1st

Regular Pricing ~ $199 if you sign up on or after January 1st





If you are currently a member you will get everything listed above.

“It’s been almost 3 years since that first day at AM and my life is completely changed. I have a full social life, I have a wonderful boyfriend, a successful career and I am happier than I ever have been. There was a time I never thought this would be possible, but you got me out that door Mike. You kept me coming back. Your support, your encouragement, your kindness, and your belief in me has transformed my life”

~ Jena

Early Bird Pricing ~ $119 if you sign up before January 1st

Regular Pricing ~ $149 if you sign up on or after January 1st



So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for Best Me Yet 4.0, the program that consistently delivers the best results in the area!