We All Fall Off

We All Fall Off

By Jillian Michalowski.

We all fall off sometimes; it is that simple. No matter if it involves your job, following a meal plan, exercising, becoming a parent, at some point we ALL make a mistake or mess up. Does that make you a bad person? Not, it makes you human. Making mistakes or failing at something should not be the reason you stop working towards your goals. That one mistake does not change all the hard work you put in before-hand but what will change if you continue to let that mistake dictate your future steps then that is the path you will continue to go down if you do not get out of your own way or running in circles.

When it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, eating and fueling the body properly is extremely important but a hard concept to understand and to overcome. Our world is dictated by food through parties, social events, even just driving up and down the main strip in your town. Count how many food restaurants you are tempted by! We all slip up occasionally, and we all have our guilty pleasure foods which are never the healthiest option. Again, we are all human.

Think about it this way, have you ever made a mistake while working? Or said something to your daughter or son that you should not have? I am sure I can relate and say we have all made mistakes at work and no parent is perfect at being a parent. The first time you messed up at work, did you quit your job? The first time your child got hurt under your watch, did you send your kid away? NO! You learned from your mistake, you figured out what you had to do to fix it, get better, or how to avoid the problem again, and then you moved on.

It is the same thing when it comes to eating a healthy lifestyle. Too many people get hooked on these 8-week diet plans that will yes, help them lose weight if they follow it but what happens after those 8 weeks? Do you fall back into bad habits and let all that hard work be for nothing? In those plans, you are being taught how to make this a part of your daily life, how to make this type of eating a lifestyle. Stop thinking of it as a short-term thing, stop thinking that just because you “fall off” for a couple days or weeks that you cannot get back on it. Just because you ate off plan does not mean you completely derailed all your progress but you will when you continue to follow that one mistake over and over and over again.

This journey is not easy that is for sure. We are always being tempted from all angles of life with bad food and bad drinks, full of sugars, extra sodium, and high fats. Of course, that is going to cause weight gain so do not be surprised but it doesn’t mean that is it, you are done and can never get back on track again. Did you enjoy the extra cheat? If so, great good for you, if not well then use that as fuel to not fall for the temptation again. Was it worth it? What is going to happen if you continue to fall off and go off plan? The same exact cycle. If you are not willing to make the change and continue to make the change, then nothing will work! Nothing will ever change and you will continue to remain the same. Your desire to change must be stronger than any cravings or temptations you may have.

Fall off? Tomorrow is always a new day to fresh. Need help staying accountable? Is that why you continuously fall off? Find a friend or family member to take on the journey with you. Hire a good coach, see what gyms have a strong community for support. This is not rocket science people, you want to lose weight, feel better when you look in the mirror, love the way your clothes fit, then MAKE THE CHANGE, change the excuses, and again get out of your own way.

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