Training Tools

TRX Trainer®
Make your body your machine®

Humans have spent the past few decades sitting on weight machines and training isolated muscle groups. The body is an interconnected chain of muscles that need to be challenged in every plane of motion. Unplug from the machines and train your body in 3D. The versatility of TRX Suspension Training® body weight exercise and Rip™ Training variable resistance exercise means that you can pick from hundreds of functional exercises that build strength, endurance, core stability and mobility.

Stand Up To Train

The average American spends 21+ hours a day sitting or lying down. The last thing we need is more practice sitting. So forget about machines that support your body and instead make your body support itself (as it was designed to do). Training while standing helps us to rehearse and perfect the movement patterns needed to achieve optimal physical performance. This is functional training.

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By their nature, typical kettlebell exercises build strength and endurance, particularly in the lower back, legs, and shoulders, and increase grip strength. The basic movements, such as the swing, snatch, and the clean and jerk, engage the entire body at once, and in a way that mimics real world activities such as shoveling or farm work.

Unlike the exercises with dumbbells or barbells, kettlebell exercises often involve large numbers of repetitions. Kettlebell exercises are in their nature holistic; therefore they work several muscles simultaneously and may be repeated continuously for several minutes or with short breaks. This combination makes the exercise partially aerobic and more similar to High-intensity interval training rather than to traditional weight lifting.


No matter what moves you’re making, the SandBell® moves right along with you. Working your core, challenging your muscles and pushing your stamina—simultaneously, and with one, mighty piece of sand-filled neoprene making it the ultimate sandbag. It is also the best new piece of sports equipment in the PE Universe for school athletics or physical education.

The active, shifting movement of the sand challenges stabilizing muscles in your core. When working out with the SandBell®, you will engage hand and wrist gripping muscles that are typically not activated and strengthened. Another advantage of this product lies in its safety for you and your floors.

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Resistance Bands

Movement isn’t just up and down

Strength training using resistance bands allows you to become less depend on gravity. Resistance bands are not gravity dependent like dumbbells, free weights, kettlebells or medicine balls. Relative to function these tools can really only provide resistance along a vertical force vector. Resistance bands can effectively provide resistance along a horizontal, vertical, rotational and diagonal force vector as well as combination of these. Since muscle work in all planes, it makes sense we better train all of them if we want optimal performance and movement efficiency.

Ever try stretching with a Dumbbell??

Resistance bands are a great dynamic stretching tool that helps eliminate those tight hips and shoulders that are going to develop as we grow older. To stay functional we must be able to maintain mobility, especially through our hips and shoulders. Stretching with resistance bands keeps our joints healthy and moving without pain.

Deceleration before Acceleration…Right?

Bands elastic properties speed up deceleration on every exercise and since you are training functional movement, you become a stronger controller of deceleration with every rep. Free weights are great for acceleration and vertical vector deceleration. However they do not speed up deceleration in all planes of motion. Why is deceleration so important?? 95% of all injuries are a result of deceleration.

Changing direction is what drives results….Period!!!

Muscles don’t think, they just react. Changing the direction of movement causes muscles to constantly react and adapt. That means better results and a greater need for stabilization strength. Using multi-directional band training will never let your muscles become comfortable regardless if they are the stabilizer or the dynamic mover.

Battling Ropes®

Increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity
Increased power and strength for longer durations
Increased motivation and mental endurance
Increased performance in all aspects of your life

As you train with the Battling Ropes® you will get a great aerobic workout. You are in control of how hard and how long you workout. You will quickly notice how Battling Ropes® Training will transfer into your sport or activity. You will not only have a lot of fun with your training, but you will also find yourself more motivated in general. This is due to the increased physical and mental discipline you will gain.

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By studying the body and its adaptations, we know that Loaded Movement Training with ViPR® effectively challenges and conditions muscle, fascia, nerves, skin and other systems of the body. Science shows that moving with load improves balance, agility and dynamic strength, to reach goals such as weight management, improved functionality in daily life and enhanced performance in sport.

Increased functional mobility and agility
Improvement in multi-directional stability, strength and power
Enhanced balance, timing and coordination
Increased calorie burn during and after workouts

All ViPR® movements can be regressed and progressed to fit the fitness level and goals of each individual.

Medicine Ball and Slam Balls

Medicine ball and Slam Ball training, in conjunction with a program of weight training and circuit training, can be used to develop strength and power. Certain medicine ball exercises can also be used as part of plyometric training program to develop explosive movements.

Medicine ball training is appropriate to all levels of ability, age, development and sport.


Great way to exercise any area of your body including the core, upper and lower extremeties.
Improves core strength, joint integrity, coordination, range of motion, and flexibility.
Can be used to train explosive power and improve coordination.

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Valslide®, created by Valerie Waters, personal trainer to Hollywood ‘s elite was created with every level of fitness in mind. Valslide® makes lower body exercises smoother and easier on the body with more effective and immediate results.

The simplicity of movement makes this exercise tool an obvious addition to all workout routines. The Valslide® is specifically designed for flowing, controlled range of motion that activates the muscles. While other programs use bulky, expensive equipment and fancy footwork to try and entice the exerciser, simplicity is what gives Valslide® the edge.

Foam Roller

By performing Self-Myofascial Release techniques on a simple piece of foam, clients can improve flexibility, function, performance, and reduce injuries. In a nutshell, clients use their own body weight to roll on the round foam roll, massaging away restrictions to normal soft-tissue extensibility.

Clients can also perform this program at home, maximizing their recovery time.



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