“A|M Fitness has truly changed my life. I not only am gaining years back on my life, have more energy, am learning to love my body, but I’m gaining life long friendships with men & women just like me who are in the gym, busting their butts sweating with me. It’s a great environment & the coaches are the best out there!”*

“I am starting week 4 of the trial on Monday and can see the difference in myself. I keep on improving and the trainers and members are amazing. I have never been to a gym I am totally comfortable in. Me and a friend of mine signed up completely. I am so happy to continue in my journey and keep getting stronger and fit! I feel truly grateful to be a part of this wonderful and inspiring team! You guys Rock!!!”*

“I have never been one to like going to a gym to workout. I would find any excuse not to go, but A|M fitness has changed how I feel. I am only 3 weeks in to my trial membership, and I love it!!! The trainers are amazing!!! They modify moves if needed, they are very supportive, and they encourage you to push yourself to your best!!! The atmosphere is amazing and everyone is very friendly and welcoming. I actually look forward to going to get my workouts in!!! Thank you for helping me see how great a workout can be!!!”*

“I love this place! They have the most amazing transformation coaches who motivate and push you beyond your expectations! They truly are experienced in what they do and they truly care and invest time in their customers!”*

“Joining A|M Fitness has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life! It’s been about two years and I’m down 2 dress sizes, lost more inches than ever before and I was just able to complete my first half marathon! The coaches are amazing! So knowledgeable and genuinely care about you. And they give just the right amount of push to getcha moving! I would recommend everyone to join!”*

“I love it! I think the whole concept is great! I think you do a great job at personally training the group…whether it’s a class of 26 or 7! I love that if I miss the 7am, I can hop in a 5:15pm or a 7:45pm. I will definitely be joining your Team!”*

“I can’t do everything right and I’m a bit slow, I have disabilities that get in the way at times. But Mike is an amazing trainer, they support and push you when you think u can’t do one more they are there telling you that you can, how bad do you want it and u reach down and find that little burst of strength to go and do it. I’m glad me and the hubby found A|M Fitness It is going to change my life for the better. I will be stronger and healthier and get confidence in myself that I always wanted and envied in other people.”*

“Love everything about this place: atmosphere, Mike is knowledgeable and educated on the workouts and how they hit each muscle, techniques, location, equipment, the mini mall o’ protein & stuff, and most of all, that Mike knows each person’s name and their individual bodies & what they can do or need to modify down to. This place is addicting!!”*

“I took your stretching class last night and I just had to tell you that I feel amazing! I have bursitis on my right side and have taken physical therapy without results. Those resistance bands were amazing and it’s not just the bands but the way you teach all of your classes. Thanks over and over again.”*

“Today is the start of a brand new phase, a day that many of us have been feverishly anticipating over the last few weeks. I put together a side by side picture, the first is from June 2012 just before my first phase at A|M Fitness and the second is from December 2012 just after finishing my 6th phase. In the 6 months that I’ve been at A|M I’ve lost 17 lbs, 14.5 all around inches and 9% body fat. As proud as I am of everything that I’ve lost, I am more proud to say what I have gained atA|M. Mike has given me the knowledge on how to take care of my body, the encouragement & motivation to make me believe in myself and most importantly provided an environment where I have made some great new friends and have become part of a fitness family. Thank you Mike & A|M Fitness for all my losses and gains.”*

“I absolutely love it, I have been trying to recruit people! Mike is great, the people are great. You get an awesome workout and its fun at the same time!! I’m definitely going to continue working out at A|M Fitness!!”*

“I have really been enjoying my first week at AM fitness. Definitely a kick in the pants, but it is what I have been looking for to get me going. Me and my buddy have gone 3 times this week and are pretty sore. Gym has a great atmosphere and the people are all very friendly and welcoming. Thanks!”*

“First week was good. I really like it so far, its a different program than what I’ve ever done. I want to thank you both, Mike and Tom, for all of your help and guidance… its been a scary week. First time ever doing this type of exercise program and not easy with my weight and wrist instability. But you both have been great accommodating me while still getting a workout…very much appreciated.”*

“A|M exceeded all of my expectations! The coaches rock and the facility is very clean abs sanitized. I have already signed up to become a member. The trial is a great way to make someone want a change! In 4 weeks I achieved great accomplishments. Wearing pants I haven’t in years, my endurance and strength are drastic improvement since day 1. I’m now addicted to A|M and I’ve been spreading the word!! Thank you again to the dedication of the staff and pushing us to new limits!”*

“I just wanted to say that so far I love it. This is exactly what I have been looking for in a gym. Set class time, go in get it done and be on your way while also getting a great workout and a much needed reminder to push to myself a little harder. All this without a competition and without heavy overhead lifting. I really am so happy I found this place and that I don’t live that far. I have been really lazy in the workout department for about ten months. I am hoping this will get me back to feeling great. Thanks.”*

“I am a formal Marine and currently a K9 military police trainer. My search to find a gym that pushes me to excel beyond my limits is over. I compliment Mike for his enthusiasm to encourage people to have proper form during exercise training. Honestly, at work I am considered a physical fitness stud. Today, I felt as if I was taken back to school. Thanks for the PUSH. LET’S GO”*

“I just want to tell you what a great motivational trainer Abby is. Not only is she such a kind soul, she always pushes me when I think I can’t do anymore. Ever since I started the 5 week program at the Southington location, I never felt so at home and welcome. I’ve always wanted to be part of a place like A|M fitness and I’m glad I tried it out. Dustin is wonderful too. Thanks for all you guys do. You guys make people’s dreams of their “self” seem reachable. Thank you!”*

“I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for all that has been done to create such an amazing facility that truly brings great results. You guys really know how to make things happen. It has only been since October but I can see results. I’ve still got a long ways to go but I have finally found the right place and motivational people to help me reach my goals. The way you coach us and push us past our comfort zone is incredible. The environment is inviting and not intimidating at all. I love A|M Fitness, thank you for giving me hope in finding myself again and getting healthy again. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with you all.”*

“It’s never too late to better yourself. That’s what I learned at A|M Fitness. I have been competing in road races and triathlons for the last 14 years. I’m pretty hard core about my workouts but over the years I stopped strength training and concentrated on swimming, biking, and running. I thought that was all I needed to be competitive. I learned the hard way that I was wrong. I had plateaued over the last 3-4 years even though I was training more. I had been trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon for 4 years and missed it by anywhere from 2-5 minutes each time. Last year I realized that I had to start doing core strength training if I wanted to get faster. Several of my co workers were already regulars at A|M Fitness and they talked about it all the time. They told me how great the workouts were and loved the individual attention in a group setting. I was skeptical and couldn’t understand how Mike could run a class with a bunch of people with different abilities but decided to give it a try. I signed up for the month trial membership. I was hooked immediately. Mike does an awesome job of mixing up workouts so that you are constantly working different muscle groups with an emphasis on core strength. He gives you individual instruction while you’re working out as a group. That is the secret to the success of A|M Fitness. He helps each person to push beyond what they think their limits are and everyone sees results. A|M is the place to go if you want to improve your fitness whether you are a beginner or a crazy workout veteran. I can’t begin to tell you all that I got out of this program. I have been through some major life changes over this past year and A|M Fitness was my religion. A place that I could find peace and let everything go while I was working my ass off. I saw results in my body within 2 weeks. I was toning up , losing body fat, and gaining muscle. My race season was my best ever. I had my fastest 5 k time ever, fastest iron-man finish ever and finally my fastest marathon ever and qualified for Boston. I owe it all to Mike and A|M Fitness. Got to sleep now so I can make the 5:45 am class. Time to get ready for next year!”*

“Well, even though I was a little discouraged from being sick and not being in the gym, I’m happy to share that as I just went through my closet, I have officially GOT RID OF my “fat” clothes, and even my “I thought I was skinny” clothes!! Even those are big!!! PROGRESS! And I LOVE every second of it!!!! Thanks for kicking my ass every morning and keeping a smile on my face and looking forward to talking shit to you! Haha you have DEFINITELY impacted my life for the better!!!thank you!!! #teammike”*

“Labor Day marks my one year anniversary with A|M Fitness. So, after repeatedly asking for an anniversary gift from Mike (specifically shoes) and him not obliging. I thought about something he said; “I don’t need to give you a gift, I changed your life.” Well that got me thinking, one, about how I was going to have to go and buy my own shoes and two, about my transformation. (And Just for the record, I will not posting a before and after pic 
I’m not going to bore you with my transformation facts like how I can now do a bunch of “man push-ups”, or that some days I can lift and keep up with some of the big boys in class or the fact that i can now officially do an unassisted pull-up (which I haven’t been able to do since 6th grade) nope, I’m going to talk about changes that you can’t see with your eyes.
After 3 kids and passing the big four-oh I struggled with my weight. I ran a few times a week but never saw much results. So yes, after one year at A|M, I am in better physical shape than I have ever been. That being said, I want to reflect upon the depth of change that has transformed within me over this past year. This last year has been a tough one emotionally for me and the gym has been the only one place that I could lose myself. When I am there, I am THERE, period, nothing else matters! Mike has pushed me far beyond any place I ever thought I could possibly go. (mentally and physically) So not only can I lift some heavy shit, I can deal with all the ‘heavy shit’ that comes my way AND not feel completely defeated. I remember when I first started I would shake my head and say I can’t. If anyone hasn’t figure it out yet, that ‘word’ isn’t allowed in the gym. Haha. There were moments when I would want to give up, just get up and leave but somehow Mike figured it out, must have because at those moments, somehow he’d find his way next to me telling me to “come on”, “get up” or” you could do it.” I don’t know if I was scared of him or scared of failing, but I’d go to that place , that place way deep inside and find the strength that I thought I had lost and slowly that voice inside me started to believe I could actually “do it”!! 
Mike HAS changed my life! I have learned that by pushing myself harder I actually feel freaking awesome when I’m done. I am not afraid of failing anymore. The confidence that comes with that is immeasurable. My biggest accomplishment I would have to say is being able to find the strength and courage to do things In life that I thought I couldn’t do before. Feeling good about myself is a close second. I am happy and content and because of that the people in my life all benefit! So I guess I’m ok with my anniversary present this year anyway! Thanks Mike!”*

*Testimonials were written by actual clients about their actual experience here at A|M Fitness. These included were not paid or persuaded in any way to provide such feedback. Most people experience similar results by attending 3 days per week or more. Results will vary from person to person and are not guaranteed by the facility. Results are not permanent and need a continual lifestyle change to maintain achieved results. To reduce and avoid injury, you will want to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program. By performing any fitness exercises, you are performing them at your own risk.