Do Your Priorities and Goals Line Up?

Do Your Priorities and Goals Line Up?

By Michael Harland

We train hundreds of people each week. They don’t just come and workout at our gym, they show up and are led by at least one, if not many of our coaches. All of these people have come to us with a goal in mind. But… does that goal line up with their priorities?

I’m going to go back to when all I was doing is personal training and start with the intake process. Here we would discuss goals of course, but also lifestyle, health history and more. I’d write a program up and take someone through a few sessions. From here I would ask for a larger commitment (typically 2-3x a week for 12 weeks). It was at this point when the objection came.

Well, what is always the biggest objection? It’s all about the money… people have a hard time justifying paying for training. But do you know what they’re ok with paying? To go out to dinner a couple times a week, grab lunch at work a couple times a week, and maybe a few coffee runs (and maybe they grab a snack when they’re grabbing a coffee). All of that adds up! So I ask if they’re willing to give up their dinners and make their coffee at home to free up the money to pay. Want to know why? Because it is those things that have usually gotten a weight loss client into the situation they’re in.

But they’re not willing to give that up!

We’ve identified problems and habits that need changing, we’ve shown how to get from our current state to our desired outcome, and someone’s social life is many times more important than their health and longevity.

Does that make sense?

Now, I’m not saying a social life isn’t important. It most definitely is. But is it important at the expense of your health? I personally don’t think so.

So, do your priorities and goals line up?

Big goals usually require sacrifice and dedication. They require us to give up things that currently satisfy needs and the process of change isn’t always fun, so the reality and difficulty start kicking our ass.

But you’re worth it!

You’re worth trading a meal eaten out for a walk outside.

You’re worth not drinking and instead just hanging out with friends.

You’re worth the effort.

You’re worth the outcome.








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