About A|M Fitness


A|M Fitness stands behind its promise to put people first. Our fitness program offers more than just solutions to your weight loss goals. We promise to build strength, confidence, and independence. A|M Fitness is more than a fitness center, we become your fitness family. Our goal is to provide responsive and responsible coaching to each and every client in a way that builds trust. Understanding each of our client’s unique goals is essential for leveraging countless sources of advantages. A|M Fitness comprises a team of experts dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals and reshape their lives in a truly unique gym membership experience.


We are the area’s leading fitness training facility where anyone is welcome and every work out can be altered to your physical capability. This boot camp like group training brings together personal training with a fun setting where your weight loss goals will be reached. Come try out interval training, it’s like having your own personal trainer.

With so many options in fitness and so many different programs to choose from, it’s hard pick a quality program that is right for you. First, you have to determine if the program will get you the results you deserve. Next, you have to evaluate the quality of the facility, program and it’s staff. Lastly, you need to make sure it is cost effective for you to begin training.

For all of these reasons, A|M Fitness is absolutely the best choice in the area for your weight loss needs. We can be your weight loss center. Follow the link to our client testimonials and before and after pictures to see for yourself.

A|M Fitness incorporates nothing but the best in it’s fitness facility:

  • We spend the few extra dollars to have the highest quality equipment and products that the fitness industry offers.
  • Our fitness programming comes from years of research, as well as working with, and learning from, the best in the fitness industry.
  • All of our staff is well educated and is required to participate in continuing education courses on a regular basis.
  • A|M Fitness takes personal training to a group setting. This means we train with a purpose. We work towards specific goals, in specific time periods, integrating proper recovery periods.
  • A|M Fitness modifies it’s programs to fit all fitness levels. You can be assured that you are working at a level that is right for you and your fitness goals.

So now, ask yourself, is your current workout making you better? Anybody can throw a workout together that absolutely destroys its participants. Is it safe? Is it effective? Does it have your specific goal in mind? If you’ve answered no or even had to think about the answer, then you should give A|M Fitness a try.